Gemma Cotterell captures something truly wonderful

in Inspiration / Illustration

An email landed in my inbox this morning from Gemma Cotterell, a freelance Illustrator currently based in Reigate, Surrey. She hand draws on paper, then colours with Poscas or acrylic paint. In the past she has worked digitally but finds it more satisfying to create a unique piece using pens and paint.

As you can see, she loves bright uncompromising colour, black outlines and lately has started using detailed pattern in her work. She graduated from Southampton Institute with a degree in Illustration in 2003 and then decided to travel the world. Recently her work has been more influenced by this, especially the pink/orange colour clashes she's using, which reference heavily with her travels in India. She loves music and grew up listening to a lot of Bowie, Hendrix and Zeppelin which never fail to inspire her. And she has always been a huge Pop Art fan, especially the works of Andy Warhol and David Hockney. Thanks for sharing Gemma!