Floating City by Nina Lindgren

Sweden based artist Nina Lindgren is an all round talented lady. Her work ranges from sculpture, to illustration, but all projects display such intricate detail that even cardboard is transformed into almost real-life bricks and mortar.

Her installation piece "Floating City" is made up of cardboard houses stacked in a circle. Although the windows are tiny, it's difficult not to try and imagine the stories playing out behind the curtains.

Lindgren says, โ€œWhen it comes to arts it is an unsurpassed freedom to be able to bend and govern over what otherwise are rules and regulations. I search for sudden glimpses of unreality: preferably unforeseen and unpredictable to make virtual both real and pretended. If I draw a house balancing on one tiny piece of plank it will never fall, unless I want it to." To view more of her work, visit the website.