Feathers by Hong Yi

Hong Yi, who goes by the nickname ‘Red’, is someone we've featured before on Creative Boom. A widely recognised Malaysian artist and architect, she was recently challenged by Hewlett-Packard to do an art project using just one HP Ink Advantage Cartridge, one HP printer, and 1,500 sheets of A4 paper.

Like her previous art projects, she kept to using ordinary, every objects as her medium. In this case, she chose to use feathers – which became the title of her art project. But how was it achieved? By scanning a handful of feathers, then arranging them out differently each time, the 1,500 sheets of paper were then laid out and taped together, and installed with the design and mechanics like a giant fan, revealing a giant dove that looks likes it's flying out from the printer, to inspire everyone to let their creativity soar.

This project was also made into a 30 second commercial by ad agency BBDO Singapore, and was shown in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and China. Shot in Pudong, Shanghai. Enjoy the video below.