Fascinating series journeys across America’s longest railway through the eyes of its passengers

As a regular traveller on the Amtrak, photographer McNair Evans decided to document his journey, capturing the people he met along the way. Inviting us into the lives of the other passengers, Evans follows the stories of those choosing to embark on the longest railway system that crosses the United States in the series ‘In Search of Great Men’.

With just four hours sleep a night across the two weeks, the San Franciscan opens our eyes to the various people across all backgrounds, from a former heroin addict fighter to a single mother on the road to a new job. Le Monde magazine commissioned a full piece to accompany the series so as to broaden understanding of such a vital but gruelling method of travel, as well as chronicling the eclectic cultures within the US.

Evans explains his fascination with the mainline, saying: “On board, people were exciting. They spoke as if they had been waiting for the opportunity to tell their life. This made me what to photograph them. Whilst many decided to leave the city to move to the countryside or to join relatives they have lost, most are driven by the hope of a new beginning. In a country where the car became the symbol of freedom of movement, they are the last Americans to rely on a system that requires patience and compromise.”

Via Le Monde