Fascinating macro photographs of cats' eyes

American photographer Andrew Marttila is an unrelenting animal enthusiast. But he's also been deathly allergic to cats and dogs since birth, which has meant he's avoided furry animals for most of his life. Throughout the years, he's owned a variety of allergen-free animals including hedgehogs, sugar gliders, and reptiles.

At the age of 22, he decided it was time to overcome his allergy and build an immunity through exposure. Having accomplished this, his adoration for larger animals is making up for lost time – and he loves to share his passion through photography. This stunning series of macro shots of cats' eyes is just one example of his beautiful work.

He explained: "I started taking photos a few years ago, primarily as a hobby as my love for cats came into its own. I now own a Bengal cat and live with two dogs and another Bengal. I'm a self-taught photographer whose work has gained notoriety and I love taking photos for others.

Residing in Fishtown, Philadelphia, Marttila recently graduated with a degree in neuroscience and religion from Temple University. In his free time he's engaged in various visual and audial arts. He plays the drums and makes stop motion animation: "My style incorporates facets of portraiture, anthropomorphising, and macro photography. My atypical skill set and approach succeeds in capturing the unique personality of each animal."

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