Exploring the Temples of Angkor, Cambodia

Photographer Alex Teuscher made the most of a recent work trip to Cambodia, by taking the opportunity to visit and photograph the Temples of Angkor, in Siem Reap.

One of the most extraordinary destinations in the world, this UNESCO World Heritage site is home to over 1,000 temples, from the smallest tombs to some of the biggest religious structures in the world, some dating back over a thousand years.

Angkor was the capital city of the Khmer Empire between the 9th and 15th centuries, and at its peak, it was a megacity that had 0.1% of the worlds population. Large sections remain well preserved and partially reconstructed by archaeologists, allowing you to experience it as it would have been. Others have been completely reclaimed by the jungle, with huge trees taking root right through the buildings.

The Temples of Angkor are a dream destination for any traveller's wish list. Whether seeing the sunrise at the biggest temple, Angkor Wat, being watched by a thousand faces at Angkor Thom or experiencing the power of the jungle at Preah Khan — there's so much to see that even with a 5am start you can't experience it all in one day. A visit here encompasses history, culture, nature, religion and some stunning art. It is a hand's on experience as visitor's are given almost complete freedom to explore winding tunnels, thick jungle and to climb as high as you dare over the stone buildings.

Teuscher's stunning photography showcases the extraordinary architecture of the temples but also the serenity and beauty of this sacred place. It's an extremely photogenic subject but Teuscher's talent for framing and his ability to incorporate the local community shines through. Perhaps most astonishing of all is how he has captured the temples uninterrupted. Over two million tourists visit the site every year and in the heat of midday it can feel like they're all there at once.

Here’s a selection of Teuscher’s stunning photography of this wonderful destination.

Via Petapixel