Exploring surreal and haunting new worlds with Trini Schultz

Trini Schultz, aka Trini61, is a California-based fine art photographer who explores new worlds through her lens filled with haunting and often romanticised portraits of people with their own captivating stories. You're immediately drawn into each narrative, seeing a moment frozen in time and left wondering about its purpose and its sense of meaning. From a man sheltering from falling raindrop rocks to an almost creepy gentleman stood with a mask in the middle of a sinister looking corridor - it's a fantasy-driven portfolio that brings out an expressive genius amongst Trini's imaginative worlds. Who are the people in her pictures? Mainly willing friends and family, including her husband who once broke his foot while performing a stunt for a photo shoot. It's fascinating watching Trini's daring fantasies be brought to life. See more on her Facebook Page.