Emily Roper

Emily Roper is a photographer/video artist based in Wellington, New Zealand. Everyone has a different way of viewing the world. Ever observant as a child, it was clear from an early age that Emily liked to tell stories. Nowadays, the imagery that she creates reflects this fervent attention to detail and passion for story telling.

Her personality shows in her work, with a colourful and often quirky style which is reflected in her images. Influenced by her background in moving image, she loves to manipulate her ability to bring time to a standstill in her photographs, often echoing movement and a 3-dimensional look in her work. Depth of field is always present in her photography, as she plays with the focus and aperture settings to capture the most intriguing and candid qualities of the subject.

She has now been working professionally under her business name "Clipic" for a year. Every day she continues to learn more and will continue to fine-tune her craft for years to come. To find out more visit www.clipic.co.nz or catch Emily on Facebook.