Düsseldorf’s "Little Tokyo" reimagined by design agency KittoKatsu

You may have realised by now that we at Creative Boom have a bit of a thing for Japanese culture. Therefore, when we spotted this vibrant brand identity, created by design agency KittoKatsu for Düsseldorf’s Japanese quarter, we just couldn't resist sharing.

The bold and bright colour palette of the graphics and illustration reflects the unique identity of the area, seeking to "give the district a strong and independent voice that will carry across the city limits." Particular emphasis was placed on the visual concept connecting "Little Tokyo" with the wider city of Düsseldorf, in order to display the fusion of Japanese culture and German heritage.

KittoKatsu is a brand strategy and design agency, based in Düsseldorf. On this project the agency worked alongside graphic designer and illustrator, Lilly Friedeberg. Discover more on Behance.

Via Behance