Deliciously different Tokyo in the eyes of Nicolas Favrichon

Now, don't think I'm weird or 'owt. But the thing I love most about travelling abroad is discovering the different infrastructure. Street signs, buildings, road markings - I love it all. I'm a bit odd, but then I guess you've figured this out by now.

As you can imagine... when I went to Japan, I went a little nuts when I realised just how utterly different everything is over there. I just walked around with a look of awe and surprise, constantly plastered across my excited face. So when I found this beautiful series of street photography by Nicolas Favrichon, it was nice to see I'm not alone in this way of thinking. Nicolas picks out those little details that we might often miss. Quirky features and street scenes that help paint a picture of the city he has explored. You can see more of his stunning work at