Darkness lingers behind these serene and transitional photographic scenes

Indonesian photographer Mikael Aldo forms intimate scenes in each photograph, delivering an epic story with his ambitious ideas. All of his photographs capture a moment of intensity or transition, with his subjects transforming into trees, submerging themselves in water, or shielding a burning door. There is a clear allusion to death, whether through the overt use of skulls, or the more subtle falling images. Every moment appears serene yet there is a darkness lingering too.

The photographer looked to his own personal memories, emotions and experiences when creating each photograph. Aldo explained that his creative process involves numerous stages: “I imagine them moving. Alive. That is how I connect one element to the others. Oftentimes I also make sketches, and write specific details on how I want something to be”. His work follows a journey through the inner and symbolic worlds of ourselves, reflecting a need to embrace change, no matter how terrifying.

Via Beautiful Decay