Bolder is a blog dedicated to people over the age of 70 who are breaking down age stereotypes

When you're young it's difficult to imagine what it will be like to be old. Will we still want to dye our hair in pastel colours? Will clothing in clashing prints still appeal to us? Will we still feel the need to be creative? Or will we have 'grown out of it' all?

Bolder is a newly launched blog that proves that age only need be a number. Founded by Editor and Writer Dominique Afacan and Photographer Helen Cathcart, Bolder features only those aged over 70, with a genuine lust for life. Robert Burke is 75, he was learning to be a fire-eater by the age of 12 and has since been a test pilot, a stunt man and a motorcycle racer. Madame Duckstein is 71 and runs the legendary Hôtel de la Ponche in Saint-Tropez.

Feeling inspired yet? Head over to Bolder for more fascinating stories and captivating portraits. Afacan and Cathcart will be talking at Cannes Lions about Bolder at the end of June.

Images courtesy and copyright of Helen Cathcart