Bittersweet paintings inject horror into the innocence of Japanese pop culture

Bridging a gap between monster children and the innocence of childhood, artist Hikari Shimoda’s paintings have a rather disturbing yet fun quality. Examining the fears and challenges of adulthood, the cute appearance of her round-eyes children is juxtaposed against horrific backdrops and elements.

The pastel colour palette of childhood is infiltrated with the dark and ominous shades of adulthood, as things like death, poverty and violence creep their way into the paintings, squashing the imagery of golden stars and stuffed toys.

It is clear to see that Shimoda is influenced by the bright, pop culture worlds of Manga and Anime, present in her home country of Japan. She explains that her artwork looks at the chaos of society and seeks hope amongst despair and eternal solitude. The paintings are certainly bittersweet representations of the troubles of adulthood and the interrupted carefree time of childhood.

Via Beautiful Decay