Cycling: Bicycle San Francisco by Dwight Eschliman

Ever since photographer Dwight Eschliman got that Bianchi catalog from the local bike shop in 1981 or 1982, he's been hooked on the bicycle. And he's not alone, as creatives everywhere share his love for wheels. Which is why you might enjoy his ongoing 'Bicycle San Francisco' project. A visual study of the bicycle.

He explained: "I never did get the blue-green Bianchi (decked out in Campagnolo) that I craved, but I did work all summer for a red Trek 400 (decked out in something less). That first Trek eventually collided with a car and I moved on to a series of other bicycles from there.

"My studio in San Francisco’s SOMA district is situated along a major bicycle commuting corridor. This affords me the opportunity to observe—and document—our evolution into a more bike-friendly city, with many distinct cycling subcultures. One thing that has always fascinated me about the bicycles I see is the way each bicycle reveals its owner’s personality. The hundreds of bikes I see streaming past my studio every day include everything from hipster fixies to pragmatic folding bicycles to durable bike messenger customs. By extension, the way that bicycle culture reflects the larger cultural context is just plain cool."

"This is a project that’s just beginning, and it’s as much an anthropological study as a photographic series. Bicycle San Francisco is a visual study of the bicycle, but also a broader look at a compelling place and time in San Francisco right now."

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