Beautiful insects crafted from discarded electronics and old circuit boards

Following the recent depressing news that 41.8 million tonnes of electronic waste were thrown away in 2014, it's wonderful to discover an artist who is doing her bit for recycling by transforming old circuit boards and computer components into beautiful winged insects.

Julie Alice Chappell's intriguing series entitled Computer Component Bugs is even available for you to buy via her Etsy shop. Based in Portsmouth, UK, Chappell is part of a growing community of environmentally-minded artists, taking materials that would otherwise go to waste and creating instead something beautiful with them.

She explains: "It is my hope that my artwork helps to raise awareness of e-waste in our precious environment."

If you're interested in getting your hands on one of Chappell's beautiful eco-sculptures, then take a moment to browse her Etsy shop where each individually-made creation comes with its own description.

For example: "The Giant Lucky Clover Bug has been carefully fabricated from discarded and obsolete computer circuit board components. She has a wingspan of 14cm approximately and comes set against a bright white, lightly textured background in a natural pale wooden box frame which measures 19cm squared approximately.

"She has triple multi-coloured wings and triple antennae and her name derive from the markings on her circuit board body. Her head has a tiny shimmering pink jewel which adds a touch feminine romance to old electronics. It is my hope that my Up-cycled Insect Artworks help to raise awareness of e-waste in the natural environment."