Beach resort photographs reveal our true feelings of the classic summer holiday

Italian photographer Mario Dotti loves to take photographs of his country's beach resorts, capturing the colours, charm and characters of the seaside and the people who love to frequent there. Whilst wandering along the shores of many appealing resort, he loves to ponder what its visitors do desire and what they love to do when spending time on holiday.

He explained: "People like to travel to tropical Eden, but there is something reassuring and familiar in spending holidays on domestic shores, on crowded beaches, in highly urbanised city-like locations: they recall everyday routines, allowing them to live the summer holiday dream, without the need to change their habits."

This series of photographs, entitled Vistamar, was shot at a seaside location on the Adriatic sea. Dotti continues: "Up there, light and air are somewhat feeble and delicate. The climate is a bit cooler, everything is less intense, less 'mediterranean', less contrasty, less violent… I experienced a bit of detachment, estrangement when there. In Vistamar I am a spectator, watching from a distance towards a sort of casual stage of a theatrized real life. Paradoxically, vacationers are on holiday but they mostly look unhappy, serious, bored. They box themselves into ordered rows of chairs and are surrounded by buildings and hotels that seem to oppress them. It feels that the holiday becomes a task, just like everyday life in town: the beach instead of the office."

Via Behance