Anthropomorphic illustrations place wild animals in the bodies of schoolgirls

The intriguing series by Japanese illustrator Takumi Kama shines a very different light on schoolgirls. Kama admits, “I am terrified of high school girls. If I encounter a group of them on a train there is a high possibility I will escape to another car”. And it’s certainly hard to think past the fetishised and eroticised images of Japanese schoolgirls, but Kama confronts these head on by transforming girls into part human-part animal hybrids.

His anthropomorphic pencil illustrations depict various wild animals, from a deer to a pig, each dressed in a girl’s high school uniform. The project took a lot of research with Kama studying both the animals but also the girls, which led to a few embarrassing and awkward situations.

Via Spoon Tamago