Amazing spontaneous paintings made entirely from brightly coloured sand

Sand art is becoming a thing, and we don’t mean the kind you attempt at the seaside with a bucket a spade. That lopsided sandcastle will look ridiculous against Joe Mangrum’s colourful sand paintings.

The artist was commissioned by the Doe Museum in the Netherlands to create eight temporary paintings over just eleven days. Taking on board the gruelling challenge, Mangrum set to work in a spontaneous manner, coming up with the ideas on the spot.

Using sand in various bright colours, the artist built his designs from the centre, adding new details and flourishes of colour as he went along. Luckily the project is accompanied by amazing time-lapse videos to watch all of the artistic action. The sand paintings will be on view until 30th October.

Via Colossal

Joe Mangrum Sand Painting #8 Doe Museum, Zuidlaren, Netherlands from Joe Mangrum on Vimeo.