Amazing series transforms the majesty or simplicity of chairs into a person

We wouldn’t blame you if you hadn’t thought of what chairs might look like if they were people. Luckily for us, Horia Manolache took that very thought and made it a reality, full of splendour and intrigue in his ‘The Chairs’ series. The perhaps humorous thought has been transformed with such precision, making us look closely at inanimate objects and see human personality or physical traits.

The San Franciscan photographer looked at various chairs, from grand armchairs to floral sofas, asking all sorts of questions about its human personification. Developing a story for each chair, Manolache cleverly brought to life age, gender and full bodily characteristics, focusing on adjectives like ‘proud’, ‘elegant’ and ‘childish’ to get him inspired.

He says: “For me photography is a way to experiment and to transform things and people. I don’t want to show chairs and people alike but to show that you can look at a chair or anything and it could say something to you but you have to “listen”, to interpret its history, its scars and imperfections.”

Via Bored Panda