Amazing paper bridge erected amidst a beautiful Lake District backdrop

Taking paper art to the extreme, environmental artist Steve Messam created PaperBridge: a bright red bridge in the Lake District made entirely from paper. Using traditional stone bridge building methods, the artist erected the structure from 20,000 sheets of paper. Set against the beautiful backdrop of the British countryside, the bridge certainly stands out amongst the luscious greens and will undeniably confuse and delight walkers who encounter it.

Stone-filled cages root the structure to the ground either side of the river, and a wooden form adds shape and structure to the paper arc. Amazingly, no adhesives or fixing were used to keep the paper in place, only gravity. The original design of the form was imagined by Peter Foskett, and local paper manufacturers James Cropper, who are known for used for luxury brand packaging, supplied the paper.

The biggest challenge was to ensure the structure stood up to all of the elements, as well as any curious animals that might cross its path. The entire installation was built to be environmentally conscious, using only colour-fast papers and stones locally sourced to the site.

Via direct submission

Paper Bridge from Henry Iddon on Vimeo.