About Face: Mother documents the unique bond between her identical twin daughters

Our fascination with twins is never likely to come to an end. Documenting her twin daughters in the series ‘About Face’, American photographer Susan Swihart observes the phenomenon of their connection, highlighting both the similarities and differences between the two girls as they grow up. Swihart delicately reveals the struggles of her daughters and their plight to take hold of an individual identity, despite looking identical.

She explains: “With this work I explore the joys and struggled of growing up looking like someone else. The search for identity and place in the world, but the gift that this person has always been beside you. My images also reveal my challenges as being their parent – allowing for their individual growth while supporting their unique bond. As they become more comfortable being their own people and making their own choices, my photographs show their relationship relax and mature.”

View the full series on Swihart's website.

Via #Photography Magazine (Issue 12)