A parked car hangs 15 feet in the air while still attached to the road in London

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist

British artist Alex Chinneck, famous for making Covent Garden hover and for creating a melting house in Southwark, has revealed his latest illusory artwork where a Vauxhall Corsa hangs 15 feet in the air while still attached to the road at London’s Southbank Centre.

The collaboration with Vauxhall Motors turns a parking space on its head, peeling back 15 metres of arching tarmac to turn a one tonne car upside-down as the vehicle hangs from the curling road with no visible supports. The car manufacturer commissioned Chinneck to create a piece inspired by the new Corsa, which was launched earlier this year with a campaign based on an A-Z of British motoring. The gravity defying piece of parking will hang in Hungerford Car Park, beside The London Eye, until 25 February 2015.

Speaking on the artwork, Chinneck said: “I see sculpture as the physical reinterpretation of the material world around us and so by introducing fictional narratives into familiar scenarios, I try to make everyday situations as extraordinary as they can be. I choose to do this through illusions because I think there is something both optimistic and captivating about defying the realms of possibility.

“With an effortlessly curling road I hoped to transcend the material nature of tarmac and stone, giving these typically inflexible materials an apparent fluidity. Vauxhall Motors allowed me a great amount of creative freedom and this collaboration offered my studio an exciting platform to explore new areas of engineering and fabrication.”