A middle-aged woman becomes a lost Alice in Wonderland in the Dollhouse

House is a polyptych consisting of 19 oil paintings, created by Polish artist Marta Antoniak. If you weren't aware, a polyptych is a painting (usually panel painting) which is divided into sections, or panels.

As assembled, they form a coherent artwork - a dollhouse. The individual images show rooms of the home. It's even possible to change the location of the various floors and rooms.

The protagonist of each image is a middle-aged woman called Celina. The house is a metaphor of her mental states. She is like Alice in Wonderland, who forgets her way through the mirror to the real world and has somehow grown old in the land of delusion.

Just like Alice, Celina is growing larger or becoming smaller, just as you'd expect in the classic story. She tries to find her role in the world of toys. She feels locked in individual stalls in anticipation of something or someone who is not coming and will never come. There is no one else in the world apart from herself. Loneliness became her new best friend. Transitions and the open door is just an illusion. Nothing leads to nothing and with nothing to show.

Antoniak hopes to show and examine the absurdity and bitterness of human existence through the portrayal of this fictional character called Celine – a corpulent middle-aged lady dressed in oversized underwear. The life of an ageing woman as one long series of cruel misunderstandings is enhanced by masterful miniature painting and rendering which seems more appropriate for children’s books. Discover more at Martaantoniak.com.