Dreamy minimalist photography of an empty America by Emmanuel Monzon

In his minimalist series Urban Sprawl, award-winning Seattle photographer and visual artist Emmanuel Monzon loves to focus on manmade landscapes that are completely devoid of life. Quiet street corners, dusty endless roads and empty streets with blinking traffic lights – these all form the backdrop to his ongoing fascination with an empty America.

His photography is never re-touched, nor artificially built with sets or lights. They are "glimpses of life in absence of life" - as defined by Mauro Piredda, curator of a new exhibition at Private View Gallery in Turin, launching 4 November.

Roads, buildings, landscapes, the repetition of subjects always captured in a moment of void and emptiness, transforming the settings of his photos from physical spaces to mental dimensions. His work is simple and evokes feelings of loneliness yet is also so appealing. You can discover more on Instagram.

All images courtesy of Private View Gallery and © Emmanuel Monzon