A hidden tribe of Sea Gypsies living in their own paradise in Borneo

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live a simpler life and escape what can sometimes feel a prison of our own making? You should probably take inspiration from a humble but very happy tribe in Borneo known as the Bajau, captured on camera by French photographer Réhahn.

Known as the 'Sea Gypsies', they traditionally lived in small boats and spent day and night sailing with the currents to catch fish and make a living. But today, they tend to live on floating villages built on coral reefs or they reside on small islands but still rely heavily on the surrounding waters. They often reside in the middle of nowhere and have little knowledge of the outside world.

Réhahn happily spent a few days with the Bajau and apparently was enchanted by the people's warm spirit and peaceful culture. The resulting photo series shows a different side to life, one that relies less on the modern world and begs the question – would we also be happier if we lived by the water in paradise?

Via Réhahn's website