A Haunted Play House art gallery is an absolute paradise for children

How cool would it be to be eight years old again and be able to run around an art gallery, actually getting up, close and personal with the paintings? So much so that you can become part of the paintings? That's exactly what Torafu Architects dreamt up with its Haunted Play House - a creative exhibit designed especially for children to touch art while running wild in and around the space.

Featured in one of the galleries at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, the architectural installation is a giant, white cube stood in the centre of the space with paintings hanging on its exterior walls, all set up like a spooky haunted house. It features a number of classic paintings like the Mona Lisa, but with a playful twist to entertain the younger ones.

Children will discover secret passages that allow them to enter the cube through supposed picture frames, and then - once inside - they can pop their heads through cleverly placed holes to become part of the artworks. Such a great idea! And something that breaks the traditional rules of art galleries where you have to be considerate, quiet and not touch anything - a rule that children will surely love to break.

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