A boy and his cats: Documenting the bond between three boys and their pets

Love cats? You'll appreciate this heartwarming series by American photographer and mother-of-three Beth Mancuso, that documents the bond between her three sons and their two cats, Lucy and Irie.

When she realised just how smitten her boys were with the two felines, Beth decided to capture the fun that they have, sharing her photographs with the world using the hashtag #aboyandhiscats.

She explains: "The project is a mix of real-life moments and images that I composed. This is an ongoing project that I plan to continue until either the boys leave home or the cats do. Due to the fleeting nature of cats, many of the images were taken with my iPhone.

"Each boy shares a different relationship with the cats. My oldest son is by far the most obsessed. He tries to smuggle one into his bedroom every night. We couldn’t have asked for better cats. They are both so gentle with the boys and really do put up with a lot. Lucy is our dog/cat, she begs for food, likes belly rubs, and wants to be near you at all times. Irie is the playful, fun one and is often a playmate for my youngest son when his brothers are off at school.

"Cats aren’t always the easiest animals to love. Anyone can love a dog but loving cats takes patience and compassion, and it is my hope that my boys are learning both these things from our beloved pets."

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Via Bored Panda