Self-taught embroidery artist Walker Boyes threads delightful bicycles and cacti artworks

Growing up in southern California with a very inspiring and creative family, Walker Boyes inevitably took an interest in art and photography from an early age. But after many years of exploring different mediums, the 21 year old decided to explore fine art with thread, crafting the most intricate embroidered artworks of the things he loves.

From cycling to cacti, Walker's childhood in a laid-back beach town is evident throughout all of his artworks, bringing a new slant to the traditional craft: "I love the texture and dimension that my art offers. Embroidery is sometimes considered a dated art form, but I am finding fresh, creative ways to introduce a new era of embroidery art. I challenge myself to create a series within a theme and constantly push myself out of my comfort zone so I can grow as an artist."

Walker adds: "I taught myself how to embroider about two years ago and each piece is done completely by hand by me. I never went to university, but I learn a lot from people who are makers and creators themselves."

If you love these examples of Walker's work, you can grab yourself an embroidered artwork from his online shop. Or follow him on Instagram.