Videre is a pinhole camera for the true photography enthusiast

Videre is a pinhole camera curated by Brighton graduate Kelly Angood. It's the most perfect gift to anyone that needs a digital detox in their life. A true camera enthusiast gem. The critically acclaimed camera was built and designed by the 25-year-old designer, who was able to launch the product to market after raising over £35,000 from 881 backers on Kickstarter – more than double her target amount of £15,000.

The Videre is designed and made in England using recycled materials where possible. The kits are screen printed and die-cut individually by hand onto thick recycled card. The Videre was devised, built and produced entirely by Angood, with some help on manufacturing and distribution from some small British businesses.

The kit includes a spare medium format spool, reclaimed from some of the best darkrooms in London, and a precision laser-cut 0.4mm pinhole, along with instructions and everything else required to make your very own Videre. All you need is the film and some craft glue.

Thanks to the support of the Kickstarter community Angood has been able to make 800 Videre kits, which are available to purchase/pre-order from Each kit is £35.00 GDP, excluding shipping rates. A perfect gift for Christmas, don't you think?