Toronto agency OneMethod celebrates its sixteenth year with a sweet new studio

T​o​ celebrate its 16th birthday, Toronto-based digital and design agency OneMethod has launched a new look, a new space, and even a new approach to collaboration. There's even an office basketball court... ​Which is pretty darn cool.

From humble roots in a Mississauga condo to the heart of downtown Toronto, its new office has evolved into a creator’s heaven. Smashed into the former storage space of the CBC building where the Mr. Dress-Up set once lived, this new home is both sprawling and incredibly intimate at the same time. Adorned with original art, it plays host to studios, a basketball court, and a sleek and modern bar lounge.

The agency also has its own lab, affectionately known as the 'MethLab'. It's an area where they can cook up innovation – from restaurants to clothing companies. A spin on the OneMethod name and what is considered to be the creative heart of the company, it boasts a workspace that doubles as a bar/lounge and a showroom that operates as a public-serving concept store.

This store sells ONEMETH Goods and Faded Lifestyle (the agency’s clothing lines), Converse shoes, Stance socks and Krink markers with plans to grow the list of brands. On demand, the space can be adapted to fit a limitless number of activations for OneMethod, its sister companies Bensimon Byne and Narrative, as well as collaborators and clients.

To delve deeper into OneMethod, you can visit its website at For its sixteenth birthday, the agency also created its own mixtape called – wait for it – Sweet Mixteen. You can stream it online over on Soundcloud.