The With Love Project documents people that produce things with a passion and purpose

After starting out as a side project, With Love was conceived by Chris Roberts and Rob Evans to meet and document people creating things in the UK. Just a few short years on, and Roberts is now producing content for brands who work with "a passion and a purpose".

The With Love Project started as an idea to find and document a small amount of people, asking one single question along the way..."Why do you do what you do?”

Roberts explains: "We covered the length of the country from the Outer Hebrides to the tip of Cornwall searching out these interesting individuals. Nearly 40 makers, producers and manufacturers later, we've published a book, created a film and documented all of our visits on our website.

"This book contains over 30 stories including traditional furniture makers at the top of their game, motorcycle manufacturers hand-building by eye, wheelwrights who can trace their family trade back to the 1300s and tailors who've produced suits for Pavarotti."

With Love is a limited edition book printed in the UK on G . F Smith paper, and each edition is individually numbered. For more information, visit