The top 20 cool desk accessories for creative professionals in 2015

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If there’s one thing a creative loves to get right, it’s their humble desk. The work zone they call home really must be inspiring, comforting and productive – but without losing that essential sense of style.

That’s why you’ll love our top 20 cool desk accessories for creative professionals. It’s the go-to list if you’re thinking of spoiling yourself and purchasing a few new additions for your work setup.

From desk organisers and notebooks to the latest gadgets and gizmos, we’ve got some real beauties to share. Enjoy!

1. Sharpener Desk Tidy

Give your existing pen stand a gorgeous makeover with a touch of “Back to School” elegance using the Sharpener Desk Tidy. The design will instantly take you back to those times when a sharpener was a must-have for your pencil box.

The idea behind this desk stand is to reduce the table clutter you often have by keeping your pens, pencils, and other stationeries well stocked in place. Unlike general pen stands, this one looks pretty interesting and less dull. It’s made out of stainless steel and sustainable rubberwood.

2. Walnut Monitor Stand

Raise your monitor, improve your posture and organise your desk with this ergonomic stand made from beautiful black walnut wood. Stand tall or sit tall, and your back, neck, and shoulders will thank you for it.

The Walnut Monitor Stand works wonders with sitting or standing desks and adds extra space under your monitor where you can slide your keyboard, mouse, hard drive and books. Sturdy and strong, it can hold up to 200lbs. It has the kind of craftsmanship that gives a sculptural quality, and cork feet protect your desk from scratches.

3. Ukko: Charge With Style

Ukko is the only charging-station for all your devices that has been designed from scratch to be beautiful and act as a display-holder too. Created and manufactured in South-Tyrol, where craftsmanship has a long tradition, Ukko helps to keep all your cables tidy and is essential for those creatives who are obsessed with keeping their desks as minimal and clutter free as possible.

4. Long Life Milk Portable Chargers

Milk is the creamy foundation on which all human health is built, without it you'd have grown up with bones and teeth as soft as warm marshmallow. So it's only right that you should afford your gadgets the same luxury and keep them replenished with fresh milky power – from the Long Life Milk Charger.

Available in three delicious flavours to suit all palates, each of these pocket-sized cartons contain a mighty 2600 mAh battery that's powerful enough to fully charge your mobile phone, with plenty of juice (milk?) to spare. Just plug your own charging cable into the USB port on the base and it'll power up just about anything your heart desires, with a warm red glow letting you know once they're completely charged.

5. 3DOODLER 2.0

Unless you're one of those gifted street artists who can create images that pop out when you look at them from a certain angle; your drawings will always remain firmly in the two-dimensional world. Well not anymore, thanks to the triumphant arrival of 3Doodler – The World's First 3D Printing Pen.

Now you can bring your pictures to life, exactly as you imagined them. Just plug it in and start drawing as you would with a regular pen, only in the air. The 3Doodler neatly squeezes out a thin, flexible, but strong thread of heated plastic that quickly hardens, allowing you to create colourful three-dimensional shapes in real time. Amazeballs.

6. Click Cube Clock

We're all slaves to time, but now it's on your terms with these stylish Click Cube Clocks. Just click your fingers or gently tap your desk and the time will appear. Especially helpful if time distracts you, or you don't want your office illuminated by a constant digital glow.

Especially helpful as a bedside table accessory too, for that same reason. Made from sturdy ABS plastic with a fine wooden veneer, the display lingers for just the right amount of time and it also shows the date, time and ambient temperature. It's got all your regular alarm and snooze features and because it's battery powered, you can place it anywhere you like.

7. Bose noise-cancelling headphones

QuietComfort® 25 headphones by Bose are re-engineered to sound better, be more comfortable and easier to take with you.

Put them on, and suddenly everything changes. Your music is deep, powerful and balanced, and so quiet that every note sounds clearer. Even a busy office environment becomes enjoyable, as noise gently fades away. No matter how noisy the world is, it’s just you and your music—or simply peace and quiet.

8. Desktop Wood Slingshot

Make your traditional slingshot game look more sophisticated by replacing it with this stunning Desktop Wood Slingshot. The carved rubber wooden weapon is paired with a gorgeous walnut base, and will provide hours of fun for the bored creative. Just screw up those bits of unwanted paper into satisfyingly round balls and fling them into your nearby recycling bin.


Instacube is a living canvas for your Instagram and Facebook photos and videos. So when you're sat at your desk and just want a nice reminder of family and friends, this little beauty will stream photos and videos wirelessly in real-time, at three times the size of the average smartphone.

It's essentially a living canvas of your photo streams, directly from the people you follow. You can also get it to display custom content, so that means you can choose specific hashtags, but that's just one way you can use it. Check it out!

10. Flapit

Flapit is the first available physical counter connected to all the major social media platforms. It can be placed anywhere: in your store window, on display at your agency or on the wall of your home office, you name it. All you need is a WiFi connection and you’re all set to go. Easy to use and fun to watch, Flapit is a powerful, interactive marketing tool for any business.

11. Code & Quill Notebooks

Code & Quill notebooks are the perfect companions for any creative professional – designers, developers, artists, photographers, or any sort of creator. Each notebook is crafted with two underlying principles: functionality and simplicity.

Each one features a lay-flat design, thick and durable pages, a unique page layout, and a clean aesthetic. Our work is a reflection of ourselves, and the tools we use directly impact the kind of work we do. So these notebooks give you a fantastic way to express your ideas in a simple, beautiful way.

12. Boom Box Touch Speaker

Portable quality speakers for your desk. Everyone deserves to listen to great audio while they work. But too often they're thwarted by an outdated iPod connector, a painful Bluetooth setup or a missing 3.5mm cable. You really need a speaker that plays nicely with all devices, you need the Boom Box Touch Speaker.

Just place your phone or mp3 player on top of this frankly magical speaker, and its sound will instantly become amplified. No docks, no tangled cables, no iffy Bluetooth connections, nothing. We're not precisely sure how it works, but it harnesses a new wireless technology called 'Near Field Audio' (also known as witchcraft).

It's ludicrously lightweight and portable considering the powerful sound it produces; and thanks to the generous internal battery (re-charged via the included microUSB cable) you can blast out your favourite tunes for 10 hours – perfect for a working day.

13. Satechi USB Portable Air Purifier and Fan

Create a clean environment at your home or office, devoid of harmful dust particles or bad odours with the Satechi USB Portable Air Purifier and Fan. Compact and extremely portable, this gadget also makes an easy-to-use travel accessory you can take with you anywhere and enjoy some instant fresh air. You simply need to plug it in to an USB port and away you go. What’s more, the front and the back can be pulled to expand the device and turn it into a fan, as and when required. So when you feel really congested in stuffy environments, this fantastic little gadget is all you’ll need.

14. Six Mile Pencil

Put simply, the Six Mile Pencil encourages you to draw. It illustrates how far you’ve drawn by using a mile ruler printed on its main body and contains enough graphite to draw six miles. Produced by one of the last remaining pencil manufacturers in England, Chambers Pencils, a 100 year old family run business. Available in Mile and KM versions, each pack contains: 4 pencils and 1 notebook. Note:

15. Board Leather Pouch

Check out this Board Leather Pouch for your Orée Board that also serves as an ergonomic stand for tablets or smartphones. Available in genuine and recycled leather, the pouch is designed to last the distance, inspire imagination, contemplation, and renewed attention to the beauty and wonder of everyday life. Each piece is crafted one at a time from the maker’s workshop in southern France, using only the finest natural materials.

16. Wireless Book Scanner

Next time you want to scan a page of a magazine or book, don’t bother ripping out the section you want. Instead, get yourself a Wireless Book Scanner by IRIScan. All you need to do is roll the device across the page and it will instantly create a high-resolution image of 900 dpi. The fast conversion process happens because of the high quality optical sensor and the wheels under the scanner which takes a minimum of three seconds to scan per page.

It also includes Wi-Fi which will help you to transfer the scanned image directly to your computer, tablet or smartphone whenever required. What’s even more beautiful is that the scanner uses its own wireless network, so you don’t need a separate internet connection. Scanning pages was never this easy.

17. Sushi Erasers

Bring the Japanese art of cuisine to your desk with this adorable set of Sushi Erasers served beautifully on a four inch tray. Made of non-toxic, lead-free safe materials, you’ll love using these little beauties to correct your notes and sketches. But if you can’t bring yourself to use them, because they look so pretty on your desk, then there’s no harm in keeping them as a pretty desk ornament.

18. Mother

Mother is here to help you keep track of your entire life; providing you with all of the knowledge and comfort you need, when and how you want it. She's your very own fitness tracker, stats keeper, security system and life coach all rolled into one glorious Russian doll-shaped package – it's like someone has physically crammed Mary Poppins in there.

Mother comes with 4 cookies; you can think of them as her eyes and ears (and gentle, but necessary nagging). Small and slickly-designed, these little sensors blend in seamlessly with your lifestyle and can be affixed to just about anything – person, object or animal! They capture and analyse movement so they can recognise the specific actions you want to monitor and transmit them back to Mother. Temperature changes are also measured, as well as their proximity to the hub itself (herself).

Here's just a snapshot of the different ways you could use them: Remembering to drink more water; Seeing how many steps you take in a day; Protecting your home from intruders; Visualising just how well you sleep at night… All of these actions can be viewed at a glance with the easy-to-use smartphone app and you can choose exactly how you want to be notified of what's going on, whether that's by push notification, text messages, sms, email, phone calls or even just simple sounds and lights on the mother device itself.

So if you're searching for a little more organisation in your life, just put your feet up and let Mother take care of everything, giving you the time and piece-of-mind to focus on all of the fun stuff.

19. 3Doodler - the world’s first 3D printing pen

Unless you're one of those gifted street artists who can create images that pop out when you look at them from a certain angle; your drawings will always remain firmly in the two-dimensional world. Well not any more, thanks to the triumphant arrival of 3Doodler – The World’s First 3D Printing Pen.

Now you can bring your pictures to life, exactly as you imagined them. Just plug it in and start drawing as you would with a regular pen, only in the air. The 3Doodler neatly squeezes out a thin, flexible, but strong thread of heated plastic that quickly hardens, allowing you to create colourful three-dimensional shapes in real time.

It feels natural in the hand and is equally as rewarding to use, with no technical knowledge or computer software necessary. You can draw freehand or trace over templates to create larger structures and objects – there's hundreds available online to help get you started.

20. Photomug Retro Camera Mug

The Photomug Retro Camera Mug will make people think you’re multi-tasking, taking pictures while swigging coffee. The front-facing side of the mug is made to look exactly like a retro camera. In other words, when you’re holding the mug in your right hand, the side facing out looks like an old-school camera to those in front of you.

Otherwise, it’s just your plain old ceramic coffee mug, all black and shiny with a handle and capable of delivering enough caffeine to knock you wide awake as an owl with insomnia. You need to take personal care of this mug because it’s not dishwasher safe. You can’t pop it into the microwave either, so get your refills or reheated coffee straight from the coffeemaker.