Planet Pins: Tiny hand-painted solar system stationery by Duncan Shotton

All images courtesy of Duncan Shotton

Nope, your eyes are not deceiving you. These tiny Planet Pins have been lovingly hand-painted by Duncan Shotton Design Studio to bring the entire solar system to your pin board. The Tokyo-based British designer is currently pitching the idea on Kickstarter and, after already reaching his fundraising target, plans to launch the plush pins worldwide next month.

The eight planet shapes are moulded in the UK over German-made, black steel pins, then sent to Tokyo where they are painstakingly brush-painted by hand and assembled into their serial-numbered, polished-acrylic display cases. Also available are single Moon pins, cast by hand in concrete by Duncan's friends in Taiwan, and assembled by his own studio in Tokyo.

If you fancy holding the entire solar system in the palm of your hand, you will soon be able to purchase this unique set of planet push pins via Duncan's online shop later in May. Watch his Instagram feed for updates.