20 fresh stationery ideas for art and design lovers this Spring

Spring is in the air, and at Creative Boom that means we're looking to clean out the office, get super organised and add some fresh bright additions to our desks and shelves, including some lovely new stationery.

Not that we need any excuse to splurge on paper, clips and pencils. Who doesn't love a new notepad or pen at any time of year?

After hearing about King & McGaw launching its own art stationery range, we thought we'd explore their collection as well as hunt for other options, sharing our finds with you – our beloved creative audience. Hopefully, our colourful suggestions will put a welcome spring in your step.

1. Warhol Softback Notebook

If you love Andy Warhol and are inspired by some of his most famous quotes, then choose from four designs of notebook courtesy of King & McGaw. From "The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting" to "In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes" – the square-shaped notebooks come in four vibrant colour schemes, so there's something for everyone.

Priced at £8 | Buy the item

2. Eraser Pick & Mix

Spend a moment to peruse Present & Correct's current collection of vintage erasers, for you to simply pick and mix. All in perfect working order, as you'd expect from this fine online store.

Priced at £6.50 | Buy the item

3. 1970s Graphic Paper Roll

Who doesn't enjoy a grid? Especially if there's a whole roll of it. These old recording rolls are perfect for projects, lists and display. Each one is 275mm in width and around 20-25 metres on each roll. Perfect condition, courtesy of Present & Correct.

Priced at £30 | Buy the item

4. The Weekly Times Desk Planner

Get your week planned in serious style with this A4 desk planner by Seeso. With a minimal and monochrome design, it's a great bit of kit to add to your office. Featuring 50 sheets in total, including 30 week sheets for planning.

Priced at £13 | Buy the item

5. MT Masking Tape Washi Set

Hold onto your very stylish hat, the Washi mothership has landed. This huge set of 20 mt masking tapes you can embellish cards, envelopes, journals and even use it for gift wrapping. Made in Japan by Kamoi Kakoshi, it's made from Japanese rice paper and is easy to write on and you can tear it by hand.

Priced at £23 | Buy the item

6. Field Notes Notebook – Cherry Graph Paper

This most excellent Field Notes notebook is available in a graph paper with a thin woodgrain cover. Courtesy of the big personality that is Aaron Draplin.

Priced at £8.95 | Buy the item

7. Nothing Came Easy Luxe Notebook

This luxe A5 notebook is thread sewn at the spine with a wax matt-finished cover to ensure durability and a "beautiful ageing process". In multicolour and foil blacked, this little beaut is courtesy of Paperboy.

Priced at £10 | Buy the item

8. Thank You Note Cards

Sometimes you just need a few "thank you" cards to hand, so you can write to those clients or colleagues who deserve some appreciation. Brought to you by the people at Taab, these cards come in a pack of 16 and send words of gratitude with pastel hues and metallic accents.

Priced at £15.50 | Buy the item

9. Grouper Case

Let's just stop and take a moment to appreciate the Grouper Case, a pencil case made from 100% cotton, handmade in Spain and shaped like a fish. Its lining is even supposed to resemble the inside of a fish!

Priced at £22.50 | Buy the item

10. Warhol Philosophy Pencils

Take a moment to learn a little of Andy Warhol's philosophic thoughts and musings with these quirky pencils from King & McGaw. As the artist famously once said, "Everyone must have a fantasy" – perhaps these pencils, which come in eight vibrant colours, satisfy a certain dream.

Priced at £8 | Buy the item

11. Old Wooden Ruler

These very smart old wooden rulers have a lovely white edge, and a hole for hanging. There are three lengths to choose from, all in centimetres. Old French stock in perfect condition, courtesy of Present & Correct.

Priced from £6.50 | Buy the item

12. To-Do List Notepad

Yes, ok, I admit – our recommended task management tools are probably more effective, but I still write down everything anyway; it makes me feel more in control. If, like me, you prefer seeing things in writing then you will love Annie Dornan Smith's gloriously simple To-Do List Notepad. Featuring 50 pages with charming lettering and a satisfying checkbox to tick against each line.

Priced at £6.50 | Buy the item

13. Shipwreck Pocketbook

Oh how I love Howkapow with its lush range of living accessories, and in this case, stationery. Here, I share the Shipwreck Pocketbook in grey. Crafted by Tom Pigeon, British-made and limited edition. Yours to snap up.

Priced at £5 | Buy the item

14. Fabulous 1950's Stapler

Hell yes, to this "fabulous" 1950's stapler, courtesy of Blue Rover Vintage, a delightful shop over on Etsy. With a Spring green plastic top, and a patent that date from the 1930s to the 1950s, you can own a perfectly working order stapler from another era.

Priced at £20.23 | Buy the item

15. 15 Shape Rubber Stamps

More goodness from our current shop favourite, Present & Correct. This time, it's all about the rubber stamps, and these bad boys come in 2D shapes, in simple outline, to print as you wish. Great for making patterns on stationery, creating tags or just curbing boredom.

Priced at £35 | Buy the item

16. Botanical Illustration Notebook

Ah The Green Gables – destined to be your next favourite stationery shop. And this pretty, botanical illustration notebook looks almost too lovely to use. With blank pages inside, crying out for your attention, you can scribble, doodle, sketch and write lists to your heart's content.

Priced at £4 | Buy the item

17. Pastel & Metallic Notebooks

In an A6 size with geometric chevron, polka dots & crosses patterns – each of these Sparrow & Wolf notebooks has 40 plain pages for sketches, notes, doodles and whatever else captures your imagination. The perfect size to pop in your bag and take everywhere with you, keep on your desk or by your bedside.

Priced at £10 | Buy the item

18. Warhol Soup Can Crayons

Quite simply, it's a classic Campbell's Tomato Soup can inspired by Andy Warhol and containing an array of appealing coloured crayons. Once the crayons run out, you can happily store other essential desk items within the tin.

Priced at £8 | Buy the item

19. Hockney Notebook

If you love David Hockney, and a fresh smelling notebook – combine the two with this product from King & McGaw. With a simple iconic design, and blank pages inside to do with as you please, your artistic heart will soar. Also available in Dali, Kahlo, Warhol and Picasso tribute.

Priced at £5 | Buy the item

20. Brass Foldback Clips

Grab a box of 10 brass fold back clips, in two sizes from Present & Correct. Each one is engraved with a number, there are two sets of 1-5 in 1" and .75". All packaged up in a neat, little box.

Priced at £7.50 | Buy the item