Hand-carved silver bookmarks that tell stories of magic, art, literature and nature

Describing themselves as artisan goldsmiths, Silverleaf is an Italian firm that hand-carves the most intricate silver bookmarks, taking inspiration from the worlds of art, literature and nature. With works of fiction, you can expect bookmarks inspired by stories like From The Catcher in the Rye and Moby Dick. When it comes to nature, Silverleaf crafts finely detailed hand-cut trees and blossoms.

Speaking of their trade, the team at Silverleaf said: "We have always been passionate about books and literature and making jewels has been our profession for the past 30 years. But only in recent years have we started to create bookmarks.

"They started out as a simple piece of silver, cut and engraved, but have slowly become more elaborate. They've got better, piece after piece, becoming bigger, more intricate and beautiful over time. Every cut and every mark on the surface is unique, every bookmark is special. There are never two identical bookmarks, even with the same subject. What you see now is the result of thousands of hours spent perfecting the technique combined with our passion for art and a life working with metals."

To discover more about Silverleaf, who are based in Udine, Italy, visit their website at silverleaf.it or follow them on Twitter @silverleafitaly.