Do-it-yourself paper toy and stationery kits from Mumbai that will make you smile

Via Creative Boom submission. All images courtesy of the artist

Love beautiful things for your home or office but fancy being part of the creative process? Sky Goodies is for you. Founded in 2013 by Mumbai-based talented duo Amit Gudibanda and Misha Gudibanda, their range of Indian inspired products includes unique stationery items and do-it-yourself kits to make paper toys and articles for everyday use.

The gorgeous little kits come as printed, pre-cut, and pre-creased sheets with fold lines and instructions. No need for scissors or cutters. Even better, each kit has a specific use after they are assembled. So for example, you can purchase a typewriter calendar or a little retro TV that doubles as a photo frame. Or there are mini suitcases that can hold trinkets or candy.

The philosophy behind Sky Goodies is to make people happy, and everyone – no matter what age group – can find something to suit their needs. All products are handmade in India. Check them out on Etsy and also Facebook.