Designers Rule: Quirky pin badge is both practical and aesthetically pleasing

Two Girls Co is a wife and wife design team based in Bristol, UK. Vicki is a furniture designer and Lucy is an art director, which makes them an absolute design dream team.

Recently, they decided to combine their skills to launch their first product, the 'Designers Rule' pin. Since then, it has been featured on a variety of internationally-renowned blogs, which led to the pins finding their way to all corners of the globe, including USA, Lebanon, Brazil, Japan, China and Australia.

The duo explains: "We've been collecting a number of enamel pins ourselves and thought this would be an affordable way to start a product range. We wanted to create something that was fun but also useful. The pin itself is to scale, so can be used to measure things everywhere you go (so long as it's really small). 'Designers Rule' was really just a pun that went along with it, but it seems to speak to a lot of people.

"This is currently our only product, however, through the success of the 'Designers Rule' pin, we're looking to launch our website ( and expand our collection with more pins and stationary. So do watch this space!"

All images courtesy of Two Girls Co