20 minimalist desk accessories for design lovers

If you can't get enough of design and minimalism, and like a desk to feel tidy and uncluttered, the following simple desk accessories will inspire.

From little dashes of style to practical solutions that will help keep your workspace design-led and clutter-free, we've scoured the web to find the latest products to satisfy lovers of design and simplicity everywhere.

1.Ribbon table lamp by Habitat

Every design lover likes to have a decent desk lamp, but instead of going for the usual classic style, why not try something a little different? Good old Habitat comes to the rescue with this award-winning Ribbon sculptural metal table lamp in a white powder coat finish. Inspired by the shapes that are created when a ribbon is in movement, the form of the Ribbon lamp was developed through an exploration of origami and paper crafts. Exclusively designed for Habitat by Claire Norcross.

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2. Triangle Mini Air Plant Planter by Clay de Lys, aka Alyssa Gillooley

Want to add a little greenery but tight on space? This Triangle Mini Air Plant Planter takes minimalism to new heights. Designed by Alyssa Gillooley, it's a little air plant that requires no dirt, no water and no mess. The plant is included and is from the Tillandsia family. Instructions of how to care for it are included.

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3. Copenhagen by design-people for Vifa

You've got some light and some greenery, now it's time for a little sound. We love this minimalist wireless speaker by Danish studio design-people for Vifa. Available in Pebble Grey, Anthracite Grey (as pictured) and Sand Yellow, Copenhagen brings a dash of Nordic design to your desk.

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4. Ruark MR1 Bluetooth Speaker System

Whilst we're on the subject of sound, you should also consider these seriously sexy speakers courtesy of Ruark. The award-winning MR1 system has won the approval of countless professional reviewers, as the sound quality is so phenomenal. Available in Rich Walnut, Soft Black or Soft White.

Priced at £299.99 | Buy the item

5. Outline bookend by Ferm LIVING

These Bauhaus-inspired Outline bookends are designed to support your books. Although the product is light and stylish, the powder coated metal ensures its sturdiness and makes it strong enough to support heavy paperbacks and coffee table books. By using laser cutting, the design studio has created an elegant outline effect made of geometrical shapes in the recognisable Ferm LIVING signature. Choose from dark blue or light grey.

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6. Alps Organiser by L'atelier d'exercices

Ok, so it's not the cheapest solution to hold all your documents, cards, invoices and mail – but it sure is beautiful... The Alps Organiser is inspired by the mountains, and its white peaks even allow writing or drawing with a lead pencil, which can then be removed with an eraser or wet cloth. Perfect for any creative.

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7. Chip Paperclip Holder by Alessi

Need somewhere to store all your paperclips but fancy keeping it stylish? This Chip Paperclip Holder by Alessi is actually a magnet, and can hold all your paperclips with ease. Despite its elegance, Chip is exceptionally solid and can also be used as a desktop paperweight.

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8. Wire Magazine Rack by Cox & Cox

Struggling to find somewhere to put all those design magazines? This Wire Magazine Rack by Cox & Cox is stylish yet practical, and has three holders and handy keyholes to secure to your office wall. And the minimalist wire mesh frame lends a touch of industrial style to your workspace.

Priced at £30 | Buy the item

9. Macula desk accessories by Habitat

Minimalism isn't just about black and white style; you can add a dash of gold to warm things up a little, and these gold "Macula" desk accessories by Habitat will do just the trick. Complete the glamorous set with a waste paper bin, magazine file and A4 file tray.

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10. POP Black Flip Clock by Maison du Monde

We're going crazy for this little black tabletop flip clock, courtesy of the people behind Maisons du Monde – a favourite shop of ours. Small enough so that it won't get in the way, but big enough to add a touch of style to any desk.

Priced at £19.99 | Buy the item

11. Geo Pentagon Photo Holder by Oliver Bonas

Everyone needs a polaroid or two of their loved ones on their desks. It keeps you smiling on those challenging work days. These cute and affordable photo holders by Oliver Bonas will appeal to geometric lovers everywhere. Available in Black, Copper, Gold or Silver.

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12. Radial Graph Notebook

This brilliantly chunky hardback notebook, ideal for sketches too, consists of open stitched kraft and plain paper. The cover, as you can see, features a radial grid and a nice bit of foiling too. Two sizes and two colours available, courtesy of Present & Correct.

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13. Wooden Storage Boxes by Future & Found

Tidy clutter away in these simply screen printed wooden storage boxes, courtesy of the lovely people at Future & Found. Available as a set of two.

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14. Pyramid Box by Korridor

How about adding a splash of colour to your desk with these Pyramid Boxes? The collection of wooden storage boxes have distinctive solid birch lids carved out to form Korridor's signature mini pyramids. Hand painted in a range of contemporary colours, they can be mixed and matched to suit the style of your office decor.

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15. Italian Perpetual Calendar (1970s)

A minimal, clever desk calendar which you rotate daily, to shift the date on. Each side has a circular window displaying the date, in white on black. The plastic unit measures 98x50x29mm and is in great condition.

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16. Theo Coffee Maker by Francis Cayouette

The Theo Coffee Maker has both an elegant and rustic quality with its beautiful contrast of black matt stoneware and shiny glaze. It holds just enough coffee for one or two people, and comes with a bamboo lid and heat insulating silicon collar to keep your morning fix warm.

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17. A Wall Grid

If you want an alternative to a print for your walls, then this laser-cut Wall Grid by Present & Correct will satisfy. Crisp, clean lines in a 'smoked oak', and available in two different sizes.

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18. Hey Ho Print

Born out of 'hey ho' times, this print pays timely homage to the verbal equivalent of a shrug, or a very British way to say "C'est la Vie", perfectly summing up the mood of the time we live in.

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19. Clamp Tray

Extend your desk with a clamp tray. Beautifully made from steel, powder coated in matt colour, with brass screw detailing beneath. There are two sizes available and three colours – Grey, Pink or White. A unique addition to your office, for potted plants, pen tides or as a stash for small sundries. The clamp part will fit any shelf.

Priced at £80 | Buy the item

20. Desk Caddy/Toolbox

Another great product by Present & Correct, this is a modern interpretation of a toolbox, which also serves as a stand for books and tablets. Made from wood with a metal frame, it is minimal and smart.

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Main image courtesy of Adobe Stock