15 of the best new gadgets and toys for photographers

If you’re a photographer, either amateur or professional, you’ll no doubt be obsessed with your camera and accompanying equipment. You’ll have the best you can afford, and you’ll probably be saving for your next camera upgrade.

So what will keep you happy in the meantime? Well, all kinds of photography gadgets and toys, that’s what. As your loyal resource for all things creative, Creative Boom has uncovered 15 of the best, including everything from iPhone accessories to incredibly helpful new tech that will enhance your own photography. And they're not necessarily expensive either...

1. Holographic Lens By Trippy Clip

This versatile camera lens, powered by nano-technology, produces optical holographic effects, designed for almost any mobile device. Called Trippy Clip, it’s an all new fisheye and prism lens system and the next greatest innovation in mobile photography. The technology allows you to create holographic, colour changing pictures and video. It really is the best on the market.

2. The Lomo’Instant Camera

What makes The Lomo’Instant Camera special is the use of Fujifilm Instax Mini film which enables you to have credit-card sized snapshots you can share with friends or display on the walls easily. There are three shooting modes available and an advanced lens system which comes with long exposure and multiple exposure capability.

The coloured filters are swappable and includes the largest aperture no instant camera has ever had before. This is what you can call an instant camera that can make your photographic moments special and definitely worth a share. One of the coolest portable instant camera from Lomography.

3. Flashmate Ring Camera Light by GiSTEQ

Listen up macro photographers and videographers! You’ll love this Flashmate Ring Camera Light by GiSTEQ that makes your every shot bright and colourful. It’s got three stops for brightness adjustment, including full, 1/2 & 1/4 power.

For any kind of off-camera operation, it works with flash triggers too. In case the surrounding light is really low, an AF-assist lamp can be used with a half press on the shutter. Again, for daylight shooting, the light balance is maintained at 5500K to ensure consistency in colour. With such an essential accessory for your camera, it’s inevitable that you’ll never suffer from unavailable natural light again.

4. iON SnapCam

The iON SnapCam isn’t your typical camera. Sure, it takes amazing video and connects wirelessly to your smartphone for instant uploading, but here’s the SnapCam difference – you wear it. At 1.5 inches square and weighing in at less than an ounce, the SnapCam attaches directly to your clothes with a clip or magnet.

And when you’re ready to shoot, just tap the SnapCam once, twice, or three times for immediate stills, video, or live streaming. The SnapCam is the first of its kind, and it’ll change the way you capture your favourite memories forever.

5. Nova

It sometimes seems impossible to achieve that perfectly-lit photograph using your iPhone. Worry no more, with Nova – the first Bluetooth off-camera iPhone flash, providing the next generation of stunning iPhotography.

For over a century photographers have used light situated away from the camera to create beautiful images. Today, Nova brings this to iPhone through a wireless flash that fits in a wallet, capturing life in its best light for a minimum investment.

The free Nova app provides light temperature and brightness control over the device’s 40 LEDs which are set behind its built-in diffuser. As Nova is wireless it provides the freedom to position and angle the light where needed, which produces photos rich in colour and depth, taking your album to the next level.

6. EzeeCube: Stackable Media Centre

Image courtesy of GizMag

Image courtesy of GizMag

The EzeeCube is a home media cloud that wirelessly saves photos from all your devices. It also auto-removes duplicate photos, keeps them safe at home and makes them available to you anywhere.

EzeeCube is probably the most advanced home theatre PC with features such as audio passthrough and hardware audio/video decoding. It is a modular media hub that automatically syncs photos, videos and contacts from your iOS and Android phones or tablets.

7. Snappgrip iPhone Camera Controls

You know when you’re trying to take a selfie and you can’t quite get the right grip on your iPhone? Well, Snapgrip is a gadget that gives you iPhone or Android smartphone camera controls in a battery-powered hardware controller that’s convenient and ergonomic to use.

Its functions include controls for the shutter and focus, zoom and shooting mode. The controller connects wirelessly to your smartphone and photography app, giving you the portability of a smartphone coupled with the comfort and convenient grip of a larger professional camera.

The Snappgrip case not only acts as a traditional protective case for the smartphone, but also makes mounting the Snappgrip controller a lot faster and easier. You can further add to your abilities as a smartphone shutterbug by getting add-on lenses (fisheye and macro, wide angle and macro, telephoto, etc.) which can be screwed on to the Snappgrip case.

8. Instant Digital Camera From Polaroid

The Z2300 Instant Digital Camera is the latest cutting-edge product from Polaroid, an iconic brand when it comes to instant photographs. It is a 10-megapixel camera that comes in a compact size and produces neat little business-card sized photos on the spot. It takes little more than 30 seconds to come up with a quality picture, and you do not have to wave it around.

9. Leather Multi Camera Strap

Need to carry more than one camera? The regular chestnut MoneyMaker Multi-Camera Harness from HoldFast is no ordinary camera strap. It’s a high-grade leather harness designed to hold two cameras near your hips. The harness is put on backpack style and worn with the straps laying in an “X” pattern across your back for added support.

When you need to shoot, the Speed Clutch mechanism allows you to easily slide your camera along the harness to eye level. To secure your cameras to the harness, the system includes two camera HoldFasts that screw into the 1/4-20″ tripod socket of each camera. Four built-in metal D-rings allow you to attach optional camera straps and accessories. The MoneyMaker also accepts optional HoldFast accessories such as their Luggage Tag Wallet or Camera Leashes. Nice.

10. Holga Lens Filter For iPhone

Everyone with an iPhone 4,4S or 5 is about to have everything they know about Phoneography turned on its head! Simple to install the Holga kit slips onto your smartphone, just like a case. But a case with a difference! Once fitted you’ll have access to nine different and crazy special effects and filters without any software or apps installed.

11. Camera Level Cube

The 3 Axis Spirit Bubble Level for DSLR Hot Shoe allows you to quickly and easily adjust your camera angle so that all your photos come out perfectly level. Used for panoramic photography, photo stitching, architectural photography, and perspective control. A must have when shooting with a tripod. Works with any SLR camera with a hot shoe mount. Triple axis bubble level for precise control.

12. Muku Shuttr

With a sleek and portable design, the Muku Shuttr is probably one of the slimmest remotes for shutter release, helping you take selfies and group photos from a distance of up to 30 feet. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, and Samsung Galaxy, the gadget is available in three supercool combinations of black/black, black/red, and white/white, and can be easily attached to your keychain.

13. HTC RE Camera

Step out from behind the camera and live life in full view with RE Camera, HTC’s newest photography innovation. RE is a small handheld camera that allows you to capture and fully experience every moment, through video and photography, without the hassle and awkwardness of grabbing your phone or camera and missing the moment because you were too busy capturing it.

RE was made to fit comfortably in your hand and features a built-in grip sensor that instantly activates the camera on pick up, eliminating the need for a power button. Its single shutter button allows one-tap to capture photos and a longer press for video recording for seamless switching between modes.

14. ONDU Pinhole Camera

Ondu is a handmade, durable and simple to use pinhole camera. Great design, quality materials and superb craftsmanship set this camera apart from the rest. There are various models to choose from, but we’ll focus on the Ondu 135 Pocket Pinhole.

One of the smallest and lightest cameras around, this camera is still durable enough to outlast any of its digital counterparts. It’s great for when you are shy on space and want to take it anywhere with you! It has a pinhole size of 0.20 mm and it comes with a standard tripod mount.

15. Airport Accelerator By Think Tank

The Airport Accelerator by Think Tank Photo, is a legal carry-on backpack which meets all domestic and international size requirements.

It accommodates two pro size DSLRs, 6-8 standard zooms plus an iPad and up to a 17” laptop. The bag also includes a waist belt, a side water bottle pocket, a tripod/monopod mounting system and seam sealed rain cover. What more do you need for your travels?