Saddington Baynes launches innovative app & creative marketing platform

The digital team at Saddington Baynes, a London-based creative production studio, has launched a compelling new visual landscape called the SBook, an app that is designed to bridge the gap between print and digital media.

The interactive app has been created as a new consumer touch point unlocking the full potential of a fully integrated campaign running across both print and digital media. The exciting new app was created on the SBridge platform, a framework for integrating and displaying digital layers of content to a printed companion.

Duncan Hart, Head of Digital at Saddington Baynes said: “In the past 10 years we've seen how print and digital can be treated independently and the two worlds seem to be moving further apart. We wanted to find a way to unite the two inextricably, giving the consumer an experiential journey that takes them from the physical into the virtual, and back, highlighting the best of both.”

“The content can be anything from video, audio, other imagery or some kind of user interaction or a combination of them all. The result is a greater engagement with campaign materials and a stronger emotional reaction from brand audiences, adding multiple motion, audio, 3D, interactive and social media dimensions to print and out-of-home campaigns.“

Crucially, the app gives marketers access to new metrics. Duncan continues: “Something clients are really excited about is the tracking capabilities of the app as it allows marketers and brands to measure effectiveness through the movement of consumers between online and offline touch points. Our solution means its now possible to place analytics on printed materials and track user engagement and feedback.”

Saddington Baynes has been one of London’s leading creative studios for over 21 years. With a growing team of 50, all of its services are held in-house, including a dedicated digital team for their creative and automotive studio.

Chris Christodoulou, CEO at Saddington Baynes said: “We are used to producing all aspects of integrated campaigns and a lot of our clients were looking for a way to bring their digital and print work together. As such, the app was a natural progression for us. With a dedicated R&D team on site, we have a lot of new work in the pipeline that utilises the SBridge technology. Watch this space!”

To download the app, go to iTunes.

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