The crossover of art and science in a series of jewel-like paintings

in Inspiration / Art

Cardiff-based gallery/ten is presenting a solo exhibition by artist Ruth Mclees entitled ‘Chroma Utopia’ - a body of 27 new works which showcase her latest experimentation into the crossover of art and science. Ruth's fascination with layering – of placing transparent glazes over the surface of a painting – has become a signature of her work. And this recent collection sees a natural progression to her portraits where glazes, resin and glues cleverly interact with the image underneath, serving to highlight and reveal the painted figure.

Inspired by the work of the 19th century German analytical chemist, F.F. Runge, Ruth transformed her studio into a laboratory in order to explore the artistic potential of industrial and scientific materials. The results emerging from this experimentation are presented here in a series of colourful, jewel-like paintings, where pigments are separated into their pure components to create chromatic glazes from which utopian figures emerge; ‘perfect colour and perfect beauty are united’.