Minus61 get on the Dog & Bone to Creative Boom

There's something so wonderful about Cockney Rhyming Slang. And I always love to learn new terms whenever I visit friends in the Smoke. So I adore these prints by Minus61 - a growing group of creatives who design and create street wear, limited edition art and prints. They basically wanted to base these prints around three popular rhymes - Whistle and Flute, Dog & Bone and Bees & Honey. But rather than use words, they wanted to illustrate them in a more interesting way. Screen printing was the preferred option as that's what they do best and it gives the print a far greater finish than digital printing.

But that's not all. Minus61 also produced these '50s Cigarette Cards, inspired by a pack of cigarette cards purchased on eBay. As vintage fashion has become very popular in the last few years the group wanted to pay homage to this scene. Lovely. Find out more at

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